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Now you can finally get answers to what's been troubling your tummy- and your life!


If you've struggled with GI upset, food allergies, and feeling overall unhealthy, you are in the right place for help.

Your diet profile is unique and personal.  Every single person is different when it comes to dietary needs and the impact of food on your health.


I'm Christina Ferroli, and I'm a Registered Dietitian who's learned from personal experience what it's like to go from misery to mastery when it comes to diet and health.

My personal story is a great example of why the power of food is critical to your livelihood.  I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my upper lip in 2010.  I have realized the importance of eating healthy and safe foods as part of my continued healing.


I counsel and coach people on how to identify, assess, and overcome the dietary challenges that keep you from feeling energetic and alive in your daily routine.


My deep experience in working with state agencies and businesses has led me to create a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to conquer the tummy battle, follow a made-for-you plan, and get your life back.

Book your complimentary consult below at no cost for 15 minutes, or book a food strategy session for one hour at 59.00.  Let's get you started on the road to health!

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